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Suspect Device builds handmade musical instruments. Each instrument is constructed, one at a time, in the Suspect Device studio in Saco, Maine. They are built with both domestic and exotic hardwoods and quite often with reclaimed/salvaged materials.

Old license plates, wooden yardsticks, nuts and bolts, champagne corks, kitchen utensils, hinges skeleton keys, casino dice, and console radio knobs are just a few of the items used as functioning components.

Suspect Device Cigar Box Guitars. Each neck, head stock, and finger board is hand made, shaped, fretted and finished individually.

All instruments are fully operational and each has its own unique sound. They are designed to be played with open-tunings and are strung with standard light or medium acoustic guitar strings. Typically, they are played with a glass or metal slide that fits over the player's ring or pinky finger, but they are just as much fun to simply pluck or strum.

The guitars measure between 31" -36"L x 8"-10"W (at the body) x 2"-3"D and are easy to display. Each guitar comes with a simple block-mounted wall hanger for vertical hanging.

All Suspect Device guitars can be plugged into any guitar amplifier.

Suspect Device Cigar Box Portable Amps have one 3.5" 8 ohm speaker, a 2w. amp board, and a standard 1/4" instrument mono jack, and are powered by a 9v. battery.

Suspect Device Portable mp3 Player/Smart Phone Boom Boxes consist of two 3.5" 8 ohm speakers; a 2w. amplifier board, and a standard 1/8" mini plug. Portable and powered by a 9v. battery.

Suspect Device instruments are sold ready-to-ship or by custom order. For inquiries on custom orders, email us here.


If you are interested in making a purchase,please email Suspect Device. Please indicate which product you are interested in purchasing. Prices include standard shipping in the U.S. Expedited shipping is available at customer's request. Please allow two weeks for delivery. Suspect Device accepts PayPal and Personal Checks.